Q 1: What is Bigmastech training?
Ans: Bigmastech training is a unique outsourcing and open-source training platform where one person has right to train up him or herself to take challenges in outsourcing and open-source in a favorable cost.

Q 2: Why should I choose Bigmastech?
Ans: You choose Bigmastech only because it has latest and innovative style of teaching method on outsourcing and open-source.

Q 3: How can I fill up on-line registration form?
Ans: Just go to our home page and click on the ‘Registration from’ then you will see a admission form. You just have to fill up the form with required information, that’s it.

Q 4: Is there any registration fee?
Ans: No, you don’t have to pay any fee.

Q 5: Is there any hidden fee that I will have to pay after the admission?
Ans: No, and there is no hidden fee after getting admitted.

Q 6: How to pay the course fee?
Ans: You have to pay the course fee through a bank account. Please not that, we don’t receive cash from applicant.

Q 7: Which bank receives the course’s fee?
Ans: Only Prime Bank.

Q 8: Can I pay my course fee via Credit card?
Ans: No! you can’t pay using your credit card.

Q 9: Would I be able to be expert after taking courses in outsourcing and open-source technology?
Ans: Yes! Of course you will be an expert in the related field. We assure you to be so.

Q 11: What is the requirement of taking these training courses?
Ans: You have to be a university student but not that much mandatory and if you have Computer science background then you are most welcome. Moreover, we would call participants for an interview before the admission.

Q 12: What is the total duration of Open-source training?
Ans: 2 months; 1 class per week, that will be held on Friday and Saturday.

Q 13 What is the duration of Outsourcing workshop?
Ans: 1 day that holds 4 hours.

Q 14: Where should I call or email for support?
Ans: If you have any question to ask then use the following phone number and email address:
call: +8802-883-7900
email: tr@bigmastech.net